Friday, January 15, 2016

Stories Filmed by Security Cameras

Emotional CCTV Footages


The images filmed by close-circuit cameras. (Photo Credits)

Close Circuit Television provide more information to its owners, other than those that are related to security.

It can catch unguarded moments that for some, could even be emotional. shared a video of what an elderly woman does to pass up time. “The title of this video is “Junk Mail”, because when Mary is not at the senior center that she enjoys immensely, she has nothing to do and no one to talk to.  She lives alone and no one comes to visit.  She confides in the person interviewing her that “[she] has to do something or [she’ll] go nuts” so she cuts up junk mail, puts it in a bag and throws it away.”

Watch it here.

Will tear you up

Viral4Real meantime shared this video of a street dweller who is oftenly seen by a shop owner in their security camera sleeping in front of his shop. “The shop owner would constantly hurt him, shout at him, and send him away. It was like that every day, but still the homeless man slept in front of the shop. Until one day, the homeless man never returned. When the shop owner checked his CCTV, he found something important—but too late to realize its relevance.”

Check out the video here.

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This waitress was meantime pranked via a hidden camera as shared by the website The Shrug. “Waiters and waitresses are some of the most unappreciated people in the world. But that was about to change for one deserving waitress named Chelsea Roff. She works as a waitress at Spring St. Smoke House, and has overcome difficult obstacles in her life. PrankItFwd teamed up with the restaurant, and Break to give Chelsea the BEST SHIFT EVER.

Watch the prank here.

Have you watched a viral video caught on CCTV?

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